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Laboratory Guide - Title page

Agency REMION - RNDr. Mojmir Adamec is providing services for laboratory praxis since 1991. Its main effort is issuing the internet portal "Laboratorni pruvodce" ("Laboratory Guide") with publication of articles relevant for laboratory praxis on daily basis. Articles are in the Czech language only.

Beside of that we are providing many useful tools simplifying routine tasks (molecular mass calculator, solution concentration calculator and many others).

Laboratory Guide is the number one in the Czech Republic in the area of information for laboratory praxis.

Business of the Laboratory Guide is based on advertisement only, but many of our enthusiasm is needed too :-).


RNDr. Mojmir Adamec


Ing. Marcela Adamcova

Agency REMION     Radonin 15,   675 21 Okrisky,   Czech Republic
phone.: +420 724 033 118
Data box: gifdgr5
ICO: 18423647