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Laboratory Navigator provides information about vendors, manufacturers, resellers and service providers in the laboratory branch.
Laboratory Navigator catalogue
- how to use it?
  Catalogue may be accessed via:
  • Settings - setting of basic catalogue parameters (area settings, language, range of companies etc.)
Catalogue features:
  • Free of charge access - all data are available free of charge to our readers! (more...)
  • Multilingual support - catalogue supports different interface and data content languages. (more...)
  • Regional systematics - catalogue may be set up to provide information about companies acting in the selected region or having business office in the selected region (more...)
  • Interest area systematics - catalogue is divided into specific areas accordingly to your interest areas
  • Advanced systematics - range of displayed companies may be finely tuned based on other parameters
Advertisement in the catalogue:
  • Full listing in the catalogue free of charge, advanced features at minimum prices.
  • File your company and setup your advertisement with online form.
  • You can see website traffic statistics at StatCounter.
Editor and contact:
  • REMION Agency provides a wide scale of advertising opportunities in the laboratory branch since 1991. See more about us.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information. You can simply write us.

All data are regularly updated at least once in the week.

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